The five point business triangle

            1.) The Owners
                2.) The Boss or Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
             3.) The Chief Financial Officer (CFO),
                  4.) The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
                  5.) The Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Understanding the five points of how every business runs will help you write a business plan.  Every business has the same 5 parts.  Every one!

Even if you are running your business alone, think of yourself doing each part of the triangle.  My best advice for success in your venture is to recruit people who are good at one of the points.  

The four videos will teach you about:

#1 The CEO, the boss, probably you.  The person who runs the company with the goal of producing a profit.
# 2 The CFO advises the CEO with financial reports that measure the company’s performance
# 3 The CMO puts a plan together to a plan of adverting and sales to meet the income goals set by the CEO
#4 The COO runs the operation of delivering the product or service to the customer.
Enjoy the course!