home business ideas

Home Business Course

If you want to start a home business, then watch this course.  There is so much information in this course that will help you write a business plan that sizzles.  I built this course because so many, if not most entrepreneurs start their business in a home or garage. This course is meant to give you some things to think about and to do when starting your business.

There are two basic types of home businesses I discuss in this course:

1.) Something you make

2.) some service you might provide.

There are 10 lessons in this course

1.) So you want to start a home business

2.) A home business is a great way to begin your entrepreneur life

3.)  Running a business at home doesn’t mean you have to work alone

4.) What are you good at?  Making something?  Selling?  Money

5.) 3 things you need: Product, Place to sell your product, Money to make and sell your product

6.) Where, how are you going to sell your product or service

7.) Where to make your product? The operations side of your business.

8.) Riches in niches, important to think about your marking niche

9.) Imitate and learn from others whatever your home business idea is, research others who are similar-Take the 4 point triangle course.  In this course, you will learn that every business has the same 4 parts

10.)  Make a plan to go from home to shop or office.

Always think and plan for your next step

I know you will enjoy this course, have fun taking it.