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Business Ideas Course

I created this course because so many people want to start their own business, but might lack an idea or might need help with the idea they already have. I highly recommend this class for all our members. The “idea” is such an important part to your success.

This course has 9 parts

1. There thousands if not millions of business ideas.

If you want to have your own business, you are going to need a business idea. It is estimated that the US has some 20 million Entrepreneurs, there are over 400 million entrepreneurs in the world. Each one has their own business idea.

2. Any idea is pretty much is a good idea, even a bad one.

Many successful entrepreneurs started with one idea which failed and then went on to great success. They fail for many reasons, inexperience, failure to recruit a good team, lack of money, and sometimes it is the idea.

3. My idea to make teddy bears.

This is how I came up with my idea to make teddy bears. And when you come up with an idea, you spend a lot of time discussing the idea first with yourself, then with others.

4. What makes a good idea? Market size and need.

Two very important terms to understand, market size and need.

5. Vision and idea are not the same.

My idea for my teddy bear company was to follow the path of Morris Michtom, the person who made the first teddy bear.
My vision:
Make the best bears and turn my teddy bear company into a toy company with a factory that people all over the world could visit and watch their toys or bears being made, Willy Wonka like.

6. Learn Ideas from others, be inspired by them.

Read – learn about other entrepreneurs. People like Henry Ford, Milton Hershey, WC Macy and Ben and Jerry. Many if not most started with nothing, and made something happen.
Where do business ideas come from…Some ideas are new, most are old

7. 3 types of ideas, long , medium and short ones.

When considering an idea for a business think of how long it will take to make that idea a profitable business. Time is really an important factor, because time equals money.

8. Form a group and pick the best idea.

As you go for your own business, your original idea probably will change over time

9. Your idea will change over time, but not your passion.

One of the best ways to come up with a good idea is with a small group of people, 2 or 3, who also want to start a business enjoy the course feel free to take the lessons is any order.

Enjoy the course!