Implantation plan for your business idea

  • Ideas require action

Lots of brilliant ideas never see the light of day.  Those ideas are worthless until they become real at the point of action.  Focus your ideas into a reality as quickly as you can while you are still enthusiastic about them?

  • Look at trends

We all know that we need traffic in order to produce sales.  But don’t forget to look at trends also; is your website growing or slowing down?  How fast?

  • A network of sites

When you’re launching a new website, why not think about launching some satellite websites at the same time?  If you link them as a network, the main product may have a bigger impact

  • Check your enthusiasm

It’s a strange thing, but you don’t like an idea but think it will make you a lot money, often it won’t work.  Your enthusiasm is the fuel that keeps the project going long-term.

  • Measurements

Don’t leave results to your imagination.  Measure your impact with all the metrics available to you.  You should be aware of whats happening with you money, trends, and any other factors involved in your business.  The sooner you know about problems, the faster you can resolve them or cut your losses.

  • Closing projects

Not all your project will work.  That’s true for everyone.  The sooner you close a project that’s not working, the faster you can use those resources for something else.

  • Stay curious

Curiosity is one of the greatest tools.  Asking questions about why things are the way they are and how they can be change can be the start of innovations and improvements

  • Learn from your projects

We all learn my trial and error.  Something the best way, sometimes the only way to learn is through your own mistakes.  If you wait until you find the perfect formulas, you will never take action.  Instead, take action, learn from it, and more on the next thing.

  • Make a plan

Make the most detailed plans possible.  Write down your goals and predict any possible dangers.  The more thought you put into your plan, the greater the likelihood that you will foresee problems or discover efficiencies that you can use.

  • Discipline

There is no success without discipline.  Discipline gives you the ability to be on top of things quickly.  When problems occur, you’ll be able to deal with them more easily since you’re already aware of what’s going on in your business.

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